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 Rules {Please Read}

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PostSubject: Rules {Please Read}   Thu Apr 25, 2013 4:20 am

• First thing you want to know about this site, Drama is not allowed on this site between members. If you don't like one person on this site deal with it, don't constantly look for a fight between each other. Red & Jinnhin Will be dealing with drama llamas and public problems. If problems are so complicated that these two have to come to me (Head-Admin), I will not be afraid to put my foot down on both parties.

• If you harsh/complain constantly staff members or member the site about anything without good reason, you will so be punished with good intentions. I don't want constant drama brought up, I know folks to create bonds with others but don't get too attract to folks to them like obsessive. It is frowned upon around here. If you disobey staff members orders the punishment will explained in the discipline thread.

Nao if you beg other members to join any other site that is not Pokemon, We will hunt you and hunt you down personally because we like to be friendly with all our neighbor sites. Really if you want to the heaven to run holy hell on you, then I recommend you leave our members alone. We will be moderating the entire place constantly.

• G-Mod? No It is instantly prevented by the staff since we are playing as pokemon humaniod; They will die and so can pokemon. To kill someone, you must have a good reason within no doubt to kill someone. There is a templete for death commissions.

• IF we caught you on the blacklist on any other site, and we are emailed that list. Your IP Addressed will be instantly ban. This means you are stealing applications or any of the custom pokemon sprites, You are gone from this site forever. You will be instantly put on the our list; our list of shame with the reason why. So all our pokemon can fling poo at you! YOU will never be missed or even given another chance on the site unless all staff comes to an agreement.

((Nao onto the good rules in which will try not strike fear in your heart))

Note: We look down upon fibbers... You can't trade pokemon between these accounts unless Co-admin agree to it; But you ABSOLUTELY cannot transfer Yen over between accounts. Punishment if caught will be harshly judged and pwned within moments of discovering.

• Let you know we will have a list of what pokemon we need on the site~! You are allowed about three pokemon each (Until told so.)

• For Beta-Testing, the posting maximum is 2 paragraphs for posting and the minimum is one paragraph with about six sentences for General Common Roleplay. When we get out of Beta-Testing we can crazy on the posting all we like but minimum is going to be two paragraphs, Six sentences each.

If you don't know how to roleplay that well, we will have a school for that. If we catch yah posting less the minimum in both roleplay or general, we will enforce punishment system. We just don't want people spamming about the board about anything that they are not to...

• On this site we enforce posting order! Say I post first, then Giovanni comes in then we start roleplaying... This will be the posting order. If you want to join a thread you gotta wait for the last person in order to join in the thread.

Professor Camellia >Giovanni >Professor Camellia >Giovanni. Etc.

•You are allowed three pokemon human forms. One of them can be a boss to a shop or set place while the other two can be an adventure and villager. If you don't take a boss position, you will have to take place as worker etc.

•Yeah you gotta travel by routes, caves, and other places. It takes about two threads to get to one route and same for cave's levels and normal places. You can't use Bicycles in Caves because that would just be derpy and illogical. If you 'have' a bicycle or riding a pokemon, you can cut the thread time in half to one thread but beware of stirring the grass pokemon; you might be fighting two more pokemon then a normal thread. Also there will be counter of random weather happening, so it might slow down your character traveling. PLUS you can't skip Routes either... The password is "YouNeedToCatchThemAll"

Note 1: They can destroy your items so if they get hold of anything. Yes depending on what type of pokemon it is; They could possibly destroy your bicycle if they wanted to...

You can't use the train to get one place to another unless you have been to all the places around the Touhoku Area. You can get one ride but it will cost you money to buy a ticket. You ride the train to get to the places you already been... It will take you one thread to get your targeted location. So going to different Cities take a while.

• Every four months is a year; so When this site starts up, the first month will be Spring, Second month is Summer, Third month is Fall, Four month is Winter. Some places will be constantly hot like the Mountain and Freezing Cold like the Carnelian Island they will not change... At the moment the seasons don't matter to Pokemon at the moment but it depends on what trainers you will encounter in each route. You can freeze or over heat to death so can your pokemon in a few areas... The real password is "Cookies&Cream"

• Money System; Yes, Starter start out with 3000 Yen like any system.They must battle or they can rob random people, the amount you get from random NPC character will be randomized by the staff member. A few people will be paid but Heads up... There will be a mission board for some groups while your boss at your work will help you.

Note: Reminder If you transfer any money between any of your accounts you will be striped of that money and it will be divided up between the staff members. I don't care for flibbers at all but if you do this to get around the system I will kick your ass personally. Yes; well will keep track your IP addresses and be watching.... For close detail.

• Stealing, Lies, Guns and Mechanical Based Robots; these are allowed... Mechanical Robots are for Team Rocket alone, and they must pay for them no matter what. You can steal as explained above in the money system. You can't not steal from Pokemon Marts and Centers, they are constantly guarded by Several Jennies at once. You are most likely to steal from NPC or from Bazaars.

If you are caught stealing by anyone (Another Character, NPC or Another Character's Pokemon etc), you will be arrested by Officer Jenny. Yes... You can't out-run Jenny, her chances of catching you are much more likely.You will be locked for three days in real life. So you miss about half a month in pokemon; Your fault.

Gun, Are allowed but staff must approve your character on having one..... You have to gain our trust with this one big time. You also need to be an active user.

•Metagaming... NO you must be as dumbass like the rest unless are you are given permission from staff that you can be a genius dex. I mean like; You can state you are genius but detail it out derp. You just can't state that without detail. You might think you know about types but your character is stupid unless it is knows well...
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Rules {Please Read}
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