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 Vraska - Chief of Village

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PostSubject: Vraska - Chief of Village   Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:45 am

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Name: Vraska
Nickname: Bunny Girl
Pokemon: Lopunny
Elements: Normal
Age: 23
Day Job: Chief of Touhoku Village
Character alignment: True Neutral
Current Relationship: N/A
Shiny? Yes
Born in: Touhoku Village
Residents: Touhoku Village
Locations to be found: Anywhere
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual


Vraska tends to be a sweet girl who remains silent always, expect when she is around her mother. No matter when her mother would go, the female would follow until she is told not to. She loves her father Jin but it is something about her mother. Many could say that Vraska is a dad's girl but those rumors are false. No matter what she does wants to learn how to fight, there for her father is the best choice. She has taken over the village where the father stood. She wants the fully blown training course while he would only give her about 5% of nothing. The fair maiden tends to be the one who daydreams on how life would be for other races. There was one race that she found most interesting then her own.

There is one thing that Vraska can't stand...Whore and cry-babies, to make it worse... There is both types combined out there. This drives her insane, there is nothing out there to make her more pissed then to have those girls anywhere around her. Her favorite things to do is basically help her mother anything need, cooking Mexican and Random Italian foods (that she loves!) and randomly watching bugs... She doesn't like anything that has to do with Sand... She dislikes the way the sand felts, that is why she would be floating on the beach or nuts, like peanuts. She can't eat them. It was matter of fact that his family was muffed up... For an odd reason and one of the years... Always starts her blood flowing with pumping blood.

History: ((Two paragraphs Min))

Hair Color:
Hair length:
Eye Color:

Secret Ability:
Cute Charm


If a Pokemon with Cute Charm is hit by a move that makes contact, there is a 30% chance the attacker will become infatuated. It will not infatuate Pokemon of the same gender, genderless Pokemon, nor those with the ability Oblivious.

Infatuated Pokemon have a 50% chance of being immobilized by love each turn and unable to attack.


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Vraska - Chief of Village
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